From 8-bit to 8-core.

20 years of working with brands, design, the internet, startups and company culture.

Being a so-called digital native

If you wonder where a real digital native started: Chances are high the answer is the Commodore 64. A 320 x 200 pixel screen, 16 colors, 8-bit CPU. One of the so-called DTP programs was Printfox and this is where my digital journey started. It was 1986, I was ten years old and highly addicted to the digital world's blessing of accurate creation and limitless reproduction. The Commodore Amiga followed and I started working on projects like "demos" and games after school.

In 1997 – one year before Google was launched in California – some friends and me started hybris in Munich, Germany. Though I left hybris to run my own design studio I kept the role as the Brand Manager and Cultural Advisor. Now that hybris counts over 900 people in more than 15 countries and became part of the big SAP family, this bi-directional cultural transformation eats most of my time today. In 2003 I joined my friend André to conquer the design world as schoene neue kinder (that's german for "brave new kids"). Three years later we have been ranked as "Munich design heroes" by Munich's GO magazine and did shows and exhibitions. Now with people in Munich and Chicago we focus on helping others with web projects, brands, omnichannel experiences and startup challenges.

Today I design and create messages, brands, identities, experiences, cultural systems. And by "design" I mean: Make them work and follow a strategy. I develop and drive brands that stay fresh over decades and I develop strategies to help companies to truly connect with people. I also started to give lectures about design strategy, the new rules of customer engagement and company culture.

Work and projects

Talk to me

Looking back at almost 30 years of digital work and 20 years of entrepreneurship and startup culture I am quite thankful for all the things I've learned. You can hire me for design, brand, cultural system projects, for talks and lectures. But I also enjoy a good chat about art, music, movies and cube puzzles.

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